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BitFenix Survivor computer case tested

by on28 September 2011




BitFenix Survivor is a stylish mid-tower computer case that has an unusual design and is very practical for carrying around. Such features mean that frequent LAN party goers will find the case interesting, to say the least. BitFenix is a relatively fresh name on the market and their cases are definitely refreshing. We used the term unusual for the design because it may not cater to all users. We on the other hand loved the fact that BitFenix always strives for uniqueness.

The Survivor does have its downsides though. Namely, it’s the fact that you need to take off the front panel and its additions in the back in order to start removing the side panels. Furthermore, cooling the components inside the case is also a bit problematic, mostly due to the fact that the Survivor comes with only two fans. However, users can add another fan on the rear panel if they choose to. There are no air outlets/inlets on the side panels, and the same goes for additional fan spots.

The Survivor comes with two large 200mm fans that spin slowly but remain very quiet. However, if top notch cooling is what you’re looking for, this case will surely not be your cup of tea.

On the other hand, the case does comes with a design you don’t see every day, cable management notches, two USB 3.0 ports, LED controller and option for easy transport, thanks to the handle on the top of the case.

BitFenix Survivor goes for about €80, and you can find it here.

We received Armageddon from our friends in, where it’s currently priced at €79.90, here.


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Last modified on 03 October 2011
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