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Single core Zacate retires in Q4 2011

by on05 October 2011

E-450 to kill off E-350

AMD has just launched a new Zacate dual-core processor, the one used AMD’s successful Brazos platform, which successful took on Intel’s Atom.

The new CPU offers a slight speed bump and runs at 1.65GHz, just 50MHz faster than the first to launch E-350 However, the E-45 also has slightly faster and overclockable graphics.

This will lead to the eminent extinction of AMD E-350 processor that reaches its last order status at end of Q4 2011, with final shipments projected to happen at end of Q2 2012 at the earliest. Once again a reminder that last shipment doesn’t mean that there will be no E-350 on the market after the last day of June, but AMD won’t ship them to partners anymore.

Stores with enough stock will be able to have them after that date, but the E-450 will probably be more lucrative to have and sell at that time. AMD's less popular E-300 dual core processor with 1.3GHz clock and same 18W TDP continues to live through the first half of 2012 and probably beyond.

This brings us to the main course, the E-240 single-core, a 1.5GHz clocked CPU with HD 6310 graphics and 18W TDP that is doomed to reach its final shipment in mid of Q4 2011 and the last chips to ship in middle of Q2 2012. Brazos will be succeeded by Deccan platform and Wichita APUs but this happens in second half of 2012.

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