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PC Rage players may need driver update

by on07 October 2011

id working to resolve tearing & texture issues
Continued reports of PC users having problems with the PC version of RAGE continue to fill our inbox. Apparently, players are experiencing a variety of issues, but most of them seem to center on tearing and texture graphics issues that apparently can be fixed with driver updates.

id Software is working with both AMD and Nvidia to isolate and resolve the driver issues so that the companies can get new drivers out that resolve the issues. AMD users should update to the latest RAGE Catalyst driver, while Nvidia users should update to the latest RAGE beta driver.

In addition, id Software is apparently also working on an update that will allow users to better manage the configuration of their graphics card much more easily than is currently available. No news on when this patch might become available, but you can watch the Bethblog for additional release info.

Get the latest RAGE AMD drivers here.

Get the latest RAGE Nvidia beta drivers from here.


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