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Infineon produces 300 millimetre thin wafer

by on10 October 2011

Great for dunking into coffee

Infineon Technologies has produced the first chips on a 300-millimeter thin wafer for power semiconductors at its Villach site in Austria.

This makes Infineon the first company in the world to succeed in making one.  The chips  now produced on a 300-millimeter thin wafer exhibit the same behaviour as the power semiconductors made on 200-millimeter wafers.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, Operations, Research & Development and Labor Director of Infineon Technologies claims the whole thing is a quantum leap in production technology.  Dubbed Power 300 it claims that it will give it a march on its competition.

As part of the investment plans, the company announced end of July this year to set up Dresden as the high volume production site for Power 300 technology. At first up until 2014, Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH will invest around Euro 250 million for this purpose and will create approx. 250 jobs in Dresden.

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