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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB reviewed

by on14 October 2011


GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB is the second Geforce GTX 570 graphics card that received PoV/TGT’s Beast treatment. The first one launched more than half a year ago, but the time was ripe for a successor. As the name suggests, the Beast 2.5GB has double the memory and comes with quiet but efficient Zalman cooling.

The new GTX 570 Beast 2 card should cater to enthusiasts who crave the best. If we look at the GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB’s GPU clock, which stands at 841MHz, it is clear that the 109MHz factory overclock will leave many competitors in the dust. TGT handpicks only the best GPUs that can take anything you throw at them and then some, be it long gaming hours or overclocking. In fact, there’s still room for additional overclocking despite the hefty overclock, which later helped us to leave even the likes of Geforce GTX 580 in the dust.

Low consumption is definitely not a flagship feature of Beast cards, but what else to expect from a card that’s built for performance. Naturally, high performance requires power and the GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB consumption is similar to the GTX 580’s.

The GTX 570 Beast 2.5GB sports a rich video out panel. It includes standard HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, as well as two dual-link DVIs.

The major con for most of us would have to be the price though, which starts at about 385 euro, here. Compared to most affordable GTX 570s on the market, the Beast 2.5GB costs €100 extra, which means that it’s dangerously approaching the price of GTX 580 cards.

However, if you adamant to stick with air cooling but want a quiet, overclocked and even further overclockable card, then the GTX 570 Beast 2.5 might be the card you’re looking for. We must admit that this was the fastest GTX 570 we’ve tested so far. The cooling is great while additional memory and factory overclocking will help where the reference GTX 570 falls short.



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Last modified on 14 October 2011
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