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Apple might sell up to 4m iPhones 4S this weekend

by on14 October 2011

Even pessimistic forecasts top 2 million

Apple’s iPhone 4S goes on sale today and it appears the outfit has managed to pull off another successful launch. With underwhelming specs few new features, the fact that millions of consumers are lining up to buy the new phone is nothing short of a miracle, since it’s basically an iPhone 4 with an extra processor core and a voice recognition app.

The original iPhone, which was a top notch device when it launched a year and a half ago, sold 1.7 million units in its first weekend of sales. The iPhone 4S, which is not nearly as innovative as the 4 is expected to sell well over 2 million, with some analysts forecasting 3 million. Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe predicts Apple will shift as many as 4 million units.

The biggest selling point of the new iPhone isn’t fresh design, as it basically looks the same as its predecessor, but rather iOS 5 and Siri. It also has a dual core processor and a new camera, but even Apple fans were a bit disappointed in the lack of features. The disappointment obviously will not translate into lacklustre sales.

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