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Ten Core i7 die by Q2 2012

by on18 October 2011

End of Life sentence

A total of ten Core i7 Extreme or regular Core i7 parts are going to die by the end of Q2 2012. Some of them, such as Core i7 980X are dying as soon as this month, October, as Intel has issued a product discontinuance notice for this processor in September and moved it to EOL status (orders not cancellable / not returnable) as of October 2011.

The Core i7 970 also got PDN notice in September but its End of Life (lethal injection rather than electric chair) is planned for December this year. The Core i7 960/ 950 and 930 are getting PDN (Product discontinuance notice) in November while the End of Life won't happen before Q2 2012.

Core i7 880 got the PDN status in September but it dies in Q2 2012 while Core i7 875K (unlocked) part got the PDN in September and end of life planned for Q1 2012. The Core i7 860S share the same timeline of death.

Core i7 870 gets to PDN in November and meets the maker in Q2 2012. The last of the Mohicans are Core i7 870S and Core i7 860S. They got the PDN in September and will end their lives in Q2 - 870S and Q1 for 860S.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Texas governor Rick Perry was an Intel exec, but alas he is vying for another job that is not nearly as demanding. 

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