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Aussies furious at Samsung Tablet ban

by on18 October 2011

Online sales are souring

Aussies are furious that a court order is forcing them to buy Apple products when they really want to get a Samsung Tablet.

Apple succeeded in getting Samsung's Tablet off the shelves using a court order, claiming Samsung had violated its patents. However the move appears to have had an opposite effect to the one that Jobs' Mob desired. Angry Aussies are rushing to buy Samsung tablets online which is causing a headache for the local suppliers.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald retail giant Harvey Norman says it is "not fair" that it was prevented from selling Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was set to be a money spinner for Harvey Norman and Apple's antics will cost them $30 million. Not that Apple will care, it will just damage some of its rivals.

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