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3DS sales in Japan are good

by on20 October 2011

Despite lack of software for the unit

Nintendo is still selling lots of Nintendo 3DS units in Japan despite the lack of software for the unit. The sales of the 3DS still make it the top selling console in Japan, believe it or not.

It seems that the Japanese are banking on the promise of a number of new upcoming software releases that are in development, as well as several strong titles that seem to have kept players happy. At least the Japanese players seem to be happy enough to continue buying the 3DS.

The upcoming Capcom Monster Hunter 3D seems to be ramping up its advertising in Japan, which seems to also be helping drive the sales of the 3DS (even though the title has yet to be released). Sony’s PSP continues to trail the 3DS and the upcoming Vita is not expected to make a dent in the 3DS sales to start out with.

It seems that while the 3DS is struggling in other regions, at least Nintendo can be pleased with its performance in Japan.

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