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First X79 boards listed in Europe

by on21 October 2011

Courtesy of ASRock

With Sandy Bridge E just around the corner, Intel is also gearing up to introduce the X79 chipset in a matter of weeks. However, a few Eurpean retailers have already jumped the gun with some early listings of three ASRock X79 boards that should give us a rough idea of what to expect, both in terms of pricing and specs.

ASRock showed one of its X79 boards back at Computex, but it appears the company will offer three distinct SKUs, ranging in price from €180 to €270. The Extreme4 board comes in two flavors, but we still don’t know the exact spec. The plain Extreme4 was showcased at Computex and it features 4 DDR3 slots, 8-phase VRM, PCI Express 3.0 40-lane hub, 10 SATA 6Gbps ports and 4 USB 3.0 connectors. Retailers are listing it at just over €190, which doesn’t sound too bad. The second version is dubbed Extreme4-M and it ends up a bit cheaper, with prices starting at €179. However, we don’t know the exact spec and it is unclear what the M suffix denotes in this case.

The flagship Extreme7 board was leaked some ten days ago and this all-black beauty boasts an impressive spec sheet and pretty saucy price tag. It features a 2oz copper PCB with six DDR3 slots, five PCIe x16 slots, 4-phase VRM, gold-plated solid state capacitors, eSATA, FireWire and a host of other eye-catching features. However, the €264 price tag won’t be to everyone’s liking.

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