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Final Fantasy XIV may come to 360

by on24 October 2011

Considering options for a Vita version

While Square Enix admits that the focus for the release of Final Fantasy XIV is still the PlayStation 3 version at the moment that still has not stopped the publisher from looking at other potential platform options.

The possibility of a Final Fantasy for the Xbox 360 is apparently still very much alive. The publisher continues discussions with Microsoft on how to make this happen. At least for the time being, there is nothing to report as to when the Xbox 360 version might be released.

In addition to an Xbox 360 version, Square Enix is looking very closely at the possibility of a version of Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Vita. In addition, the company is also examining the possibility of a release for smartphones. It is difficult to say what shape a possible release for the Vita or the smartphone platforms might take. It could be nothing more than an add-on that allows access to your inventory and auctions, but right now they don’t know.

Square Enix is still exploring the possibilities outside the PlayStation 3 and that is good news for Final Fantasy fans; but don’t get excited just yet, as anything to actually see is still likely some time away.

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