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Point of View / TGT GTX 560 2GB Beast reviewed

by on28 October 2011



Point of View / TGT GTX 560 2048MB Beast is a factory overclocked card.

gtx560 2048mb beast gpuz


We managed to push the card to 960MHz and play some games for a few hours. The GTX 560 2048MB Beast’s GPU is capable of 1GHz operation as well, but only after increasing voltages and fan speed, in which scenario we didn’t have stable operation in all games. Voltages can be changed using Nvidia’s Inspector tool. 


560-beast-voltage Oc


Thermals and Noise

The GTX 560 2048MB Beast uses a dual slot cooler with a central fan. Idle temperatures of 33°C and load temperatures of 85°C mean that the cooler is efficient and will not let the card overheat. However, note that the cooler was loud when the card was under load. While we expect overclocks to add a few dB to noise levels, it’s a pity TGT didn’t opt for a quieter dual fan cooler as some other Nvidia partners have.



avp OC


gtx560 2048mb beast gpuz idle

gtx560 2048mb beast gpuz load crysis

gtx560 2048mb beast gpuz load crysis oc


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