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DoubleClick has been officially acquired by Google

by on12 March 2008

Layoffs are likely as a result

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is known not to mince words, and he dropped news today that we should have known was coming on the heels of the announcement that Google has officially acquired DoubleClick.

The news is that as a result of the merger there will likely be reductions in headcount. From the news posted in his blog, it does appear that these reductions in headcount will primarily come from DoubleClick employees in the U.S., but other areas might be affected, as well.

As is normal with any merger, the process now begins to integrate the two companies together. While this is always a challenge, Schmidt seems to be upbeat about the results that the merger will yield for Google in the end.

News of any layoffs in the U.S. right now is not good news, but a company as cash rich as Google should be able to offer some nice packages to DoubleClick employees that will be out of a job because of the merger. We have to wonder how many DoubleClick employees have stock or stock options and will walk away with a truck load of money from the merger.

Read more in Eric Schmidt’s blog here.

Last modified on 12 March 2008
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