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Colorado bloke goes postal in Best Buy

by on10 November 2011

Threatens to blow the place up

A Colorado man acted rational when he heard that his local game spot had run out of the new Call of Duty game.

Not really, with his unique sense of perspective he decided it would be a brilliant idea to threaten death and destruction over the lack of the new Call of Duty game at his Best Buy branch. Loromin Sar, 31, decided it would be a good idea tell store employees that he would be back to blow up the store with some sort of explosive device.

He also informed several Best Buy employees that he would return as they got off work in order to shoot them. Now Sar had preordered the game earlier in the day and was expecting to pick up a copy at the midnight release of Activision’s eighth instalment of the Call of Duty franchise.

Best Buy employees called the police to the store’s location and Sar’s Infinity sport-utility vehicle was pulled over by police near the store. Sar doesn’t have a record for previous crimes, but apparently has form for traffic violations. Local cops made cracks about him wanting to start his own shooting war.

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