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Will Bee Movie arrive on HD DVD?

by on12 March 2008

Recalls, delays, mystery, all part of the fun

Those that have been following the Bee Movie on HD DVD saga have more new and confusing info than one can shake a stick at. As of 5 P.M.  PST today, our order for the Bee Movie on HD DVD did not ship and still shows as ‘delayed,’ but is now expected to ship on the 13th of March. Many continue to suggest that Amazon has been able to secure a limited number of copies of the Bee Movie on HD DVD to fill orders.

Others are claiming that some of the Bee Movie HD DVD discs were shipped out, but have since been recalled by DreamWorks. According to some, DreamWorks has requested that HD DVD copies of the Bee Movie be returned. While we can’t confirm this, it seems that more that one report of this being the situation has surfaced from more than one source.

Additional sources claim that the HD DVD version of the Bee Movie is just running late due to indecision by DreamWorks on whether or not they should ship what they had already pressed. Sources at some brick and mortar retailers, as well moles in some of the big on-line shops, are saying to be patient because limited quantities of the Bee Movie will arrive to fill orders.

We can tell you that we have already seen copies of the Bee Movie on HD DVD being up for auction on eBay, but the validity of the auctions is questionable, as the ones that we have seen do not have a picture that would indicate that the seller actually has the disc in hand.

Collectors item or not, the entire Bee Movie on HD DVD has seemed to captivate the HD DVD loyalists who are chomping at the bit to lay their hands on what could be one of the last HD DVDs ever released. While it is obvious that DreamWorks wants to create a “buzz” about the home release of the Bee Movie, would it just not be easier to release a simple statement to let HD DVD enthusiasts know one way or the other if they should expect to be able to buy a copy on HD DVD?

At this rate only time will tell what is going to happen with the release of the Bee Movie on HD DVD, but with every day that goes by, it will be less likely that it will see the light of day, in our opinion.

Last modified on 12 March 2008
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