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Intel expects convertible ultrabooks next year

by on18 November 2011

Windows 8 is the key

Intel is hoping ultrabook design will shift into top gear next year and result in convertible models with spacious touchscreens and Windows 8.

Speaking at the Intel Capital global summit, CEO Paul Otellini believes touch is a “critical enabler” for ultrabooks and the new Windows 8 interface will make a big difference.

“When users see that new Windows interface, they are going to want to touch it. If the screen does nothing, you have disappointed [the] consumer," he said.

Ultrabooks seem to be Intel’s response to the tablet craze, so touchscreen models would be a godsend for chipzilla. In terms of pricing, Otellini believes ultrabook costs must be cut to $699 and up in order to attract mainstream consumers. Reducing prices will be Intel’s goal next year and frankly at $699 ultrabooks make a lot more sense than now.

Compared to pricey high-end tablets, the new touch-ultrabooks (we will need a new word here) could also offer pretty good value. However, the tablet market seems to be cooling down and the advent of $199 Android tablets might cause vendors to shift to cheaper designs instead,  leaving a lot of room for Intel.

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