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Desktop Celeron G460 in Q1 2012

by on18 November 2011

Replaces G440, gets additional thread

Intel positions its Celeron processors just above the Atom series, divided into two value sub-groups, V1 and V2 (no relation to Nazi vengeance weapons ed. ). V1 currently has G530 as the stronger part and G440 as the weaker link, and as of Q1 2012, this will slightly change.

While G530 remains the top Value V1 cheap dual-core processor, clocked at 2.4GHz and without any turbo abilities, the G440 clocked at 1.6GHz, single-core will get a slight speed bump. The new fellow is called Celeron G460 and it works at 1.7.GHz. However, this time it’s a single core with dual-thread support. In addition it will come with 1.5MB cache, while G440 has 1MHz cache and both share DDR3 1066 support as well as Intel HD graphics clocked at 650MHz and dynamic capability to jump to 1000MHz.

It is a 35W part and it fits in LGA 1155 boards. Once it comes to market it will sell for $37, but have in mind that G530, dual core with two threads and 2.4GHz clock sells for only $5 more, but comes with 65W TDP. There is an indication that Intel’s updated price list might include this CPU even in this year, later Q4 2011, but for most markets and manufacturers it gets available in Q1 2012.

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