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Major update coming for BF3 on PC

by on21 November 2011

Will improve or fix a number of things

DICE is going to drop what they are calling a “significant” update this week for Battlefield 3 on the PC. Confirmed by the DICE official blog, the major update will address a number of issues, including stability, weapons balance, squad control functionality, user interface improvements, and add to the polish overall of the game.

Of course, it will also swat some bugs and address some issues from community feedback. In addition, DICE has confirmed that the negative mouse acceleration will be removed, as well. (We are also in favor of the negative mouse acceleration to be removed!)

After the PC version of the update is released, it is expected that the majority of the same content in this update will be made available on the console versions of the game once they have passed certification and they are made available for download. Console players should expect to see this update arrive in a couple of weeks.

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