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Windows Home Server continues to eat files

by on13 March 2008

WHS Team hopes to have a fix by summer

Well, the problems with Windows Home Server continue to mount and it seems that the product just continues to have problems corrupting and damaging files. Most of the problems surrounding these issues happen when files are opened and written to from a workstation connected to the server. What is most surprising is that the WHS team is saying that they will not have a fix in place until at least June of 2008.

The WHS team has been working hard to stabilize the product and fix the bugs, but it would seem that solutions for some of the issues continue to elude the development team and the fixes need to done at a very low level of the operating system, which is taking additional time to track down and resolve.

While the WHS team continues to work toward resolving the issue, they continue to warn that some of the other problems that users are having are not related to this issue.

Read the full technical brief on what is going on with WHS here in PDF format.



Last modified on 13 March 2008
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