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Kinect integrated into TVs?

by on28 November 2011

Microsoft to offer licensing of technology

Microsoft apparently wants to license its Kinect technology for integration into TVs, according to a number of sources claiming knowledge of the company’s plans. The move would allow TV manufacturers to license the Kinect technology from Microsoft for integration into their TV models, which then in turn could be connected to an Xbox gaming console or PC running Windows 8 (for example) or used with interactive applications that could be gesture controlled using the integrated Kinect.

The addition of the Kinect motion sensor into existing TV models would come at a significant cost when compared to other components in the TV. Still, the integrated Kinect technology would provide streamlining of the sensor technology that would no longer require an additional add-on unit.

According to our sources, Microsoft has been shopping the possibility to partners that it has worked with in the past that offer TVs and monitors. This move by Microsoft seems to be a potential counter to Apple’s expected move to drop a branded TV product of its own next year. It is anticipated that Apple’s TV product will use much of what it has learned from its AppleTV platform boxes and integrate this technology into an all-in-one HDTV package.

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