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Iran bans Battlefield 3

by on29 November 2011


Youth petitions for it

So there you have it – Iranian authorities have banned Battlefield 3, making it illegal for stores to sell the game.

Apparently, the reason is because the game depicts the US Army fighting in Iran’s capital Teheran. As one would expect, people are not the least bit happy about their country being depicted as a virtual battlefield. 

It is said that 5,000 youths petitioned against the game online. Although the group says that it is aware the game plot is hypothetical, it believes that the game was intentionally released “at a time when the US is pushing the international community into fearing Iran.”

EA reacted by saying that Battlefield 3 wasn’t even available in Iran to begin with. Having said that, the company said it hopes that the ban will prevent pirated copies from being sold in the country. 

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Last modified on 29 November 2011
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