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New AMD CEO continues cuts

by on01 December 2011

Sales and marketing in EU affected

We already mentioned that AMD’s new chief operating officer, Rory Read has decided to clean us AMD’s house and cut quite a few jobs.

The cuts continue unabated and we’ve heard that Read let go quite a few marketing and sales people in Europe. We also know that PR deferment, or what’s left of it, has also undergone to some serious cuts, but mostly junior positions with a few exceptions.

Changing sales and marketing teams and strategies without improving AMD’s time to market and execution won’t result with a big difference, but as Rory seems to be a man of action, so things might change in AMD for once.

Intel clearly has the upper hand in the CPU market and it is extending its desktop lead and going strong in notebook and server markets. The ARM alliance is doing great in tablets, so we will have to see what market AMD wants to compete in, or rather can compete in.

The company got some traction with Brazos and Llano APUs products and it has high hopes for Radeon HD 7000 generation as well as Trinity. It looks like 2012 will be a year of improving execution and getting things back in shape at AMD. Let’s hope for Read’s sake he can pull this off.

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