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Intel becomes unstoppable

by on02 December 2011

Chipzilla eats the world

It is starting to look like Intel will become unstoppable as it continues to take away business from its rivals such as AMD and Samsung.

According to iSuppli figures Samsung and AMD are getting canned by Intel at every turn. The market research outfit claims that Intel's 2011 semiconductor revenues will total $49.7 billion, up 23 per cent from 2010. This would give Chipzilla 15.9% of the global semiconductor market, up from a 13.2% share in 2010. Until this year Intel had been facing a challenge from Samsung, which had been narrowing the market share gap for three years prior to 2011. In fact the outfit was getting close to 3.9 percentage points of Intel's share. However now it seems that Intel is steaming ahead again and likely to finish the year 6.5 percentage pooints ahead of Samsung.

Isuppli said Intel has managed success in a challenging year for the semiconductor market.  It has managed to expand its core microprocessor and memory businesses, while also capitalizing on a major acquisition. iSuppli analyst Dale Ford in a statement that Intel outgrew the market and expanded its lead over its closest competitors, defying the impact of weak economic conditions and catastrophic natural disasters in Japan and Thailand. It has not been all bad for Samsung though. It is the leading global supplier of NAND flash memory during a time of solid growth in the memory sector. Samsung  suffered from the fact that it is also the worlds leading supplier of DRAM which sector tanked by 27 per cent this year.

Samsung's inability to get DRAM out of bed in the morning meant that its growth was limited to just 3 per cent in 2011. Intel should also be jolly pleased that AMD has said that it is no longer going to compete with Intel and do something else.  We guess it could go off and sit on a mountain somewhere and find itself and return to start a promising career crafting Macramé.

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