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Sony still wants Flash support for Vita

by on05 December 2011

Holds out hope that it could happen

With the big push to embrace HTML 5, which has become the future, Adobe has recently canceled mostly all future development that was in the pipeline for Flash. Still, despite this, the broad majority of content on the Internet is still using Flash, and Sony would surely like Flash support on the Vita.

Sony is holding out hope that in a future upgrade it can add Flash support, as it sees this as something that would be a great thing to have. While the documented power costs that impact battery life while using Flash on mobile platforms is a concern, no one is saying that it is the best choice, but just a good thing to support.

Sony claims that they are still talking to Adobe, and while no one has apparently said it will never happen, it is going to take some creative negotiating to get a company to support doing something that they just discontinued. We will just have to wait and see where Adobe lands on this in the end; but Flash support for the Vita (despite potential impact on battery life) would be a nice feature to offer.

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