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Facebook hates the Effin Irish

by on05 December 2011

Don't what you Effin sorts in here

Facebook has wiped a village called Effin from the map because it considers the name too rude for the right wing Christians and family values types who insist on imposing their backward standards on those who have evolved enough to use their opposable thumbs.

Residents of the Irish parish have been told that they cannot register on Facebook if it was their place of birth. The name is automatically censored by Facebook, just like more traditional four-letter expletives. Ann Marie Kennedy, who is an Effin resident has launched a campaign to get it recognised by the site.  She told the Sun that she will always be an  Effinwoman. When she tried to get a group called "Please get my hometown Effin recognised", it was rejected because the town's name was offensive.

So while Facebook allows fansites for Mafia bosses who are locked up in prison, it bans nice quiet Irish villages. Ironically Effingham which is in Illinois, or Effingham, New Hampshire is allowed. Facebook has not also banned any group dedicated to Apple's Siri.  Siri means arse in Japan.

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