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Deccan 28nm removed from AMD roadmap

by on07 December 2011

Replaced by Brazos 2.0

In September AMD was informing its partners about new platforms in 2012 and back than Deccan platform was supposed to replace Brazos based on E series processors.

Deccan was supposed to introduce the 28nm Globalfoundries-manufactured Wichita processor that features four Bobcat cores, redesigned in 28nm. However, due to 28nm delays at Globalfoundries, it just got canceled.

Since Wichita and Krishna are both designed for Globalfoundries 28nm manufacturing process, making them compatible with TSMC’s manufacturing process would cost AMD a lot of time and money. The chips would be even later to market than the original 2H 2012 schedule and that would simply make them too late to make the difference.

Deccan is now replaced with the Brazos 2.0 platform, and it is hoped that E series parts can get faster than current E450 clocked at 1.65GHz. The chipset and motherboards are new and are based on A68 FCH chipset that brings USB 3.0 support as well as SATA 6Gb/s.

Atoms in 32nm are currently shipping and will definitely put a lot of pressure on AMD’s quite successful E-series of entry level APUs. What comes after these 40nm parts remains to be disclosed.

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