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Apple, the patent troll, gets taste of own medicine

by on14 December 2011

Sued for caller id

Apple which has been in the courts trying to patent troll its opposition out of business is being sued by a US company claiming that its products infringe two patents for caller-ID.

Cequint of Seattle, a unit of data-network servicer TNS of Reston, Virginia, wants unspecified damages and a court order to stop Apple's use of the inventions. The case is being heard in the federal court in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Cequint has been damaged by Apple's infringement” and “will be irreparably harmed” unless stopped by a judge, Cequint's lawyers said in the complaint.

Unlike normal patent trollage, this situation seems to be one where Cequint actually made up the technology and is miffed that Jobs' Mob did not write it a cheque before using it. Apple is not saying anything about the case. We would not normally expect it to do so.

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