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Nvidia expects Android tablet sales to pick up

by on15 December 2011

Also has high hopes for Windows

Nvidia believes it can make serious inroads in the tablet market next year. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang claims non-Apple tablets are becoming a serious alternative to Apple, thanks to software optimization and higher performance, courtesy of next generation chips.

Nvidia is not pinning its hopes solely on Android. It believes Windows will also emerge as a major player in the tablet market, but Redmond’s new OS with ARM support probably won’t be out until Q4 next year. However, Huang cautions that the OS could be delayed even further.

Huang also argued that ultrabooks might affect the tablet market, as they could compete with high-end hybrid tablets. Intel has already hinted at the possibility of convertible, touchscreen ultrabooks in late 2012, but we guess they won’t come cheap. To be frank, high end hybrid tablets are also quite pricey, so in terms of value for money ultrabooks don’t seem that bad.

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