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Assange talked to Manning

by on20 December 2011

US prosecution found proof

US prosecutors believe they have found proof that Private Bradley Manning spoke to  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Manning is in court facing charges that he leaked thousands of US diplomatic cables to the whistle-blowing website. A witness for the prosecution at the hearing claimed to have found chat logs between 24-year-old Private Manning and an online chat user identified on Manning's computer as Julian Assange.

If that were the case then the US might have enough evidence to attempt to try Assange. While publishing classified information is not illegal,  if the federal grand jury that is currently investigating Assange found he directed Private Manning, prosecutors might find it easier to build a case against him. If he happens to be sitting in Sweden waiting for a trial on a charge of being a bad date then it will be easier for the US to haul him over the pond for one of its special kangaroo courts.

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