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DICE dropping hints on what’s next?

by on21 December 2011

Could be back to the future for next release

While DICE has not officially talked about what is next for the Battlefield series after the successful sales of Battlefield 3, it could be that within that game we may be finding a clue. The number 2143 appears in a number of shipping crates within the game. DICE has used a similar tactic in the Battlefield 2: Suro Forces Expansion that indicated 2142 would be an important number.

The use of the number of 2143 is far too deliberate in our opinion to just be random. A sequel to Battlefield 2142 would be an excellent choice, as in many ways it offers a unique number of elements that would be different for an FPS title on a console. (The original Battlefield 2142 was never released on the console platforms, only on the PC.)

If this is a hint from DICE as to what their next project will be, then we say “bravo!” We think that a sequel to 2142 would be an excellent choice; we can’t even tell you how many hours of our lives we have lost playing Battlefield 2142. Bringing it back with titan mode with the beauty of the Frostbite 2 engine would be something to see and play.

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