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Android activations hit 700,000 a day

by on21 December 2011

That’s 16 since you started reading, now it’s 24

Android head honcho Andy Rubin is proudly telling the world that the number of daily Android activations has surpassed 700,000.

Google has a lot to be happy about, since the number of activations has shot up from 400,000 in May, to 550,000 in July, all the way to 700,000+ in just over seven months. The total number of Android devices activated so far is over 200 million, still about 50 million short of iOS, but catching up fast.

Basically 700,000 a day works out to about 8 devices every single second, so just imagine the amount of work and resources that went into the production effort. Only Santa delivers more toys per second.

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