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Microsoft brings in gun control on Xbox

by on26 December 2011

No longer right to bear arms

Software giant Microsoft has decided to remove all gun-like items from its marketplace in the coming year.

It is all part of a restriction on what you can have your avatar do such as swearing, smoking, and violence.  Apparently the right to bear arms is right up there amongst them. So that means that buying a Golden Hammerburst or Lancer for your Xbox Live Avatar, is going to be a thing of the past.

Microsoft  has not made an official statement on this yet, but at the moment online weapons are fast becoming hard to find online. Apparently you cannot find a Duke Nukem freeze ray and the Bat Grapple. Apparently you can still buy Rick's Tank (from The Walking Dead) and a miniature tank (from military collection) which fire bullets but might not count as part of the ban because they not gun-like.  You can still get your paws on a Rise of Nightmares chainsaw, we guess because they can be used to cut down trees.

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