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Galaxy Nexus 32GB listed in EU

by on26 December 2011

Coming soon

For those who think that 16GB of storage, coupled with the lack of an SD slot, are not enough to go for a Galaxy Nexus, it now looks like the 32GB version is just around the corner.
We still don’t have a price, since it’s Christmas and no one is there to confirm it [We need more atheists in retail. Ed], but the phone should be coming very soon. This is what we learned from some retailers last week, but due to the holidays, it was too early to get a solid date.

The phone has an extra 16GB internal storage, but it still lacks SDHC slot for extra expansion. With Google Music storing your music and Nexflix taking care of your movies, at least in US [And EU via proxy. Ed.] even 16GB should be enough.

The European version of Galaxy Nexus 16GB is still stuck with Android 4.0.1, while Americans already have 4.0.2 and the promise of 4.0.3 coming soon. We don’t think that these increments make a big difference, but update geeks like to have them anyway.

We will tell you what we thing about the Galaxy Nexus 16GB very soon, as soon as we are done with the review. Hint, it’s a great piece of hardware, among the best we’ve seen.

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