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Asustek works on Windows on ARM

by on28 December 2011

Chinese newspapers spill the beans

Chinese newspapers have indentified Asustek as one of five international PC brands that will work with Microsoft on the “Windows on ARM” (WOA) architecture.

Microsoft is to release its first operating system that supports chips from Arm next year. Only five PC brands have been invited by Microsoft to join WOA, a development project that shows its aggressiveness in tapping the burgeoning tablet PC market. Asustek is the latest announcement. So far Samsung, Toshiba, HP and Lenovo have been identified as working with Microsoft to develop notebooks and tablets that run on WOA architecture.

It looks like HTC and Acer have been snubbed probably because their tablets have not done so well. Asustek’s Transformers have been well received and the company expects to ship 3 million to 6 million tablets next year, up from 1.8 million this year.

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