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New York Times cancelled my paper

by on29 December 2011

But I don't get the New York Times

The New York Times, which long ago sacrificed its credibility by acting as the unpaid press office of Apple, has been hassling me because I cancelled my subscription.

The thing is that I never actually had a subscription to the New York Times and if they could find someone who delivered the rag all the way to Rome I would be impressed. Initially it looked like the New York Times' server had been hacked and its database turned over to phishers, but it looks like the emails were legitimate.

IIf you call the phone number in the email, it says, "Thank you for calling the New York Times. Due to high volume, your call can not be completed at this time" and then gives a fax number and an email: — which isn't an email address.

Times reporter Amy Chozick just tweeted that the email was sent by the NYT and should have gone to appx 300 people & went to over 8 million. Later she tweeted that the email sender was a Times employee. The Times later said sorry and said personal information has not been compromised.

We have to forgive it. After all anyone who writes things about Apple products being advanced and “game changing” when they have been around for years probably finds sending an email taxing.

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