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Lenovo denies latest netbook is a netbook

by on30 December 2011

It is a.... er... mini notebook

While everyone knows that netbooks are not selling, so the Chinese outfit Lenovo has worked out a cunning plan which will stop the rot.

Twigging that the world “netbook” is an invitation to ignore the product, the marketing genuises at Lenovo are simply calling it something else. The new Ideapad S110 is officially a 'mini notebook' rather than a netbook. It can't be a netbook because it has the new 32nm Cedar Trail Atom processors.

The fact that the S110 has a lower end Atom N2600 with 1GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive and 10-inch screen which is HD, honest. [720p, or HD light. Ed] It has USB 3.0 and a webcam. But it is not a netbook even if it has a netbook's price tag of $320. Actually we quite like our netbook. It was more useful than the PDA we once owned.

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