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Lizard Head Pass has a TB of RAM

by on30 December 2011

Lousy name

Intel's marketing department appears to have had an imagination failure when it came to release its  upcoming LGA2011 server board product, S4600LG.

The board is codenamed "Lizard Head Pass" which got us wondering what a lizard head fail would look like. Could a lizard head pass and precisely what can it over take. It sounds like a Salavador Dali bumper sticker. Melting watches must follow, but lizard head's can pass. This is a bit distraction for us which is a pity because the board is capable of handling a TB of RAM which should really be the headline. [Yes, the editor should have changed it. Ed]

After all 1024GB of RAM is not to be sniffed at and we should not really be worried about what a Lizard head's pass looks like. The board is designed mainly for high-performance computing and math-intensive server applications, such as video streaming sites using it for transcoding. We guess it could also be good at catching moths with its long tongue. If it is not passing of course.

Apparently the board can manage auch large memory expansion room by providing three DIMM slots per memory channel, with each socket giving four memory channels. The S4600LG supports the 8-core Xeon E5-4600 series Sandy Bridge-EP processors. The S4600LH is driven by an Intel C600 "Patsburg" chipset with up to 8 SCU ports and 2 SATA 6 Gb/s ports. One of the downsides is the board doesn't have any standard expansion slots, with only two PCI-Express 3.0 x48 risers, which daughterboards with three x16 slots each, can be attached.

No word if it changes colour in different lights  but it it does sports dual Intel LAN with VT support, KVM and BMT logic is in-built. Lizard Head should be around Q2 2012 if it has not passed into an on coming lorry and been squashed.

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