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HD 7970 boasts stunning overclockability

by on02 January 2012

1.26GHz on air, 1.7GHz on LN2

AMD’s new HD 7970 is the talk of town these days and judging by some early overcklocking runs, the new card will offer a lot of overclocking headroom on top of its already impressive performance.

Over the weekend VR-Zone put a reference HD 7970 through its paces and managed to hit 1125MHz/1500MHz core/memory without any tweaks. However, with a new bios and a voltage bump from 1.15V to 1.25V, the card hit 1267MHz, with reference cooling.

Although the cart was maxed out using Furmark extreme burn-in tests, the GPU temperature peaked at just 66C, cooled by the card’s reference cooler with the fan running at 100%. Needless to say, these are very promising result, both in terms of clocks and temperatures.

However, if you are into some hardcore overclocking, you will be happy to learn that overclocking guru Shamino has managed 1.7GHz on LN2.

On the other hand, if you are not keen to overclock your brand new card, the results still bode quite well for the HD 7970. With so much headroom, vendors will be keen to offer non-reference designs and it is safe to assume we will see some plenty of overclocked models, topping 1GHz out of the box.

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