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iPhone 5 is 2012’s Most Anticipated event

by on05 January 2012

Next to the other end of the world

A UK discount website has conducted a survey which indicates British people are eagerly awaiting the next chance to part with their cash on the latest Apple “upgrade”. Last time they queued in a truly British way, to get write a big cheque to buy themselves an Iphone which was remarkably similar to their old one. Many of them had to read the spec sheet to discover it was any different.

However it seems that they can't get enough and the British public are most looking forward to seeing the release of in 2012. The iPhone 5 topped the poll, closely followed by the iPad 3 and the Wii U. This is the result of a survey by UK’s discount website which asked which tech products Britons are most looking forward to seeing the release of this year.

1. iPhone 5 – 74 per cent

2. iPad 3 - 71 per cent

3. Wii U- 68 per cent

4. Google Tablet- 65 per cent

5. Apple TV- 62 per cent

6. Amazon Kindle Fire- 59 per cent

7. PSP Vita- 55 per cent

8. Samsung Galaxy SIII- 54 per cent

9. Google TV- 51 per cent

10. Intel Ultrabooks- 47 per cent

Those polled were then asked to stipulate why they were excited about that particular product. The majority, 79per cent of those that said they were looking forward to the release of the iPhone 5 said it was  because they were excited about the new features that might come with the upgrade. Good luck with that.

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