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Toshiba X10 tablet pictured

by on09 January 2012

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CES 2012: 7.7 mm, claims the thinnest so far

There is not much you can do with tablets other than make them as thin and as light as possible. This is how Toshiba came up with X10 tablet that is supposed to start shipping by middle of Q1 2012, so let’s guess sometime in February.

The specs are impressive, with a OMAP 4 4420 dual-core chip with 1.2GHz core clock and 1GB memory. Toshiba claims that the tablet is the lightest on the market, weighing in at only 535 grams (1.2 lbs.) and is 7.7 mm or 0.3 inch thick. The resolution is the usual 1280x800, and the tablet has 2Mpixel front and 5Mpixel back camera. It uses the original gorilla glass not the latest gorilla glass two, which makes it's debut at CES this year.  The back is made of quite popular brushed aluminum.

toshiba x10_ces2012 

What we also like about this tablet is that its packed with a lot of connectors including micro USB, mini HDMI out, and a micro SD card slot. 

It is currently being shown with Honeycomb Android 3.2, but it is Ice Cream Sandwich compatible and support for it is planned as well with no exact date as of yet.

Pricing starts from $525 for 16GB version and it gets more expensive if you are after more memory.  The thinnest tablet claim, probably won’t last that long as the competition is not sleeping.

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