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Intel's WiMAX modules get priced up

by on19 March 2008


Products expected 2H '08

Digitimes has got the lowdown on the pricing of Intel's upcoming WiMAX and WiFi modules codenamed Echo Peak and Shirley Peak. Echo Peak will support both WiMAX and WiFi in a single module, while Shirley Peak only does WiFi.

There will be two version of each and the two Echo Peak models are the 5350 and 5150. The 5350 is the top-of-the-range model with a price of US$54 to notebook manufacturers, and it features full 802.11n MIMO support with three antennae. The 5150 is cheaper at US$43-44, but it only has support for a pair of MIMO antennae, although it can be fitted to half-size mini cards, which makes it more suitable for sub-notebooks and ultra portables.

The two Shirley Peak cards are the 5300 and 5100, and they support 802.11a/g/n; again, the 5300 has full MIMO support with the 5100 only supporting two antennae. The 5300 will cost around US$29-30 with the 5100 at US$19-20.

Intel partners are expecting to have the cards ready in the second half of this year with regard to the WiMAX/WiFi modules, with WiFi modules landing some time in Q2.

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