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Brits suffer from broken iPhones

by on12 January 2012

But they never complain

A huge number of British iPhone users are wandering around with broken screens and over half of them have experienced screen cracking.

A new study into the upkeep of technology amongst UK consumers based on a customer survey shows that 42 per cent of iPhones currently in use in the UK are being used with a broken or cracked screen. When asking phone owners why they continued to use a broken iPhone handset, the majority simply explained that the handset ‘worked fine’ despite the broken/cracked screen.

The study was conducted by, the UK’s discount website, as part of research into the expense of consumer gadgets; and the care that owners take of their electronics.

When asked if they had ever broken or cracked the screen on an iPhone handset at any point in the past, 57 per cent, of respondents answered ‘yes’. Furthermore, 42 per cent of respondents to the study admitted that they were currently using an iPhone with a broken or cracked screen.

These respondents were then asked why they continued to use their iPhone handset, despite it having a broken screen, half explained that their iPhone ‘worked fine’ despite the broken or cracked screen; whilst a third, 32 per cent, didn’t want to ‘claim on insurance’ for the break.

Of those that had broken the screen on an iPhone handset at some point in the past, over a quarter, 27 per cent had done so after owning the handset for less than one month. In contrast, the majority had broken/ cracked their handset having owned it for just 1-3 months.

More than half said that they took any precautions towards protecting the screen on their iPhone handset by using cases and screen protectors. More than 41 per cent of iPhone owners said they did nothing to protect their handset, whilst the remaining ‘sometimes’ did.

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