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Cyberlink working on PowerDVD 8

by on20 March 2008


MoovieLive website and HD video

During CeBIT, we had a chance to see an early glimps of the new Cyberlink PowerDVD software, and it's in its eighth installment. PowerDVD 8 will bring a better HD movie experience with improved high definition audio support, smart auto resume function and an all new MoovieLive social network Website for PowerDVD users.

It's all about HD video and Cyberlink knows it, so the new PowerDVD will have a broader range of support for Blu-ray drives, support for the latest GPUs, and, of course, support for DVI/HDMI connections. The mentioned smart auto resume function is something that is common for this type of software, but Cyberlink decided to make it a bit more interesting since the new version of PowerDVD will have what they call a Resume Play Thumbnail. This feature shows the last scene, so you can remember where you stopped watching the movie, and it looks like a great feature.

Another cool feature that we mentioned is the MoovieLive social network Website, which is a great site for people that are using PowerDVD. In the future, when things get started, users will be able to see movie ratings as well as rate the movie themselves, read movie reviews and write their own, and make what Cyberlink calls Movie Remixes or download and watch Movie Remixes created by other PowerDVD users.

All in all it looks great, and in time when the MoovieLive website gets going it can probably only get better. And this is what it all looks like.



Last modified on 20 March 2008
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