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Hacker calls Google a pirate

by on16 January 2012

Murdoch has a problem with search engine

In a brilliant case of pot calling kettle black, Rupert Murdoch, whose newspapers have been involved in a hacking scandal in blighty, has lobbed a stone at the search engine Google.

Given that throwing stones is not something sensible to do, when you live in a glass house, Murdoch must be feeling particularly brave. The News Corp chairman and chief executive used his Twitter account to blast the search engine, branding it a "piracy leader".

He insisted that Google streams movies free and sells advts around them," Murdoch wrote.  He said that making a film was “risky as hell", with piracy hurting actors and writers. Murdoch said that he had just done a Google search for the latest “Mission impossible” flick and found several sites offering free links.

Still there is no harm hacking the phone of a murdered child and selling adverts around that is there? According to AP Murdoch's Twitter account is providing minutes of fun for the press. There have been some outraged that his spelling and typing is not up to scratch.  As the great man himself says “that does not matter”. After all lacking spelling and typing skills does not seem to have been a barrier to becoming a media mongol.

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