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Nokia believes Android is too fragmented

by on19 January 2012

Windows Phone should be different

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop believes Google’s Android is a bit too fragmented, so Nokia is hoping to take a different approach with its future Windows phones.

In an interview with Pocket Lint, Elop argued that such fragmentation was not welcome in the Windows Phone world, since it could become a problem. Judging by the slow pace of ICS updates, this is more or less an obvious problem.

Since all Windows phones feature pretty similar gear under the bonnet, Nokia is planning to differentiate its Lumia with exclusive features, namely apps.

"Our first priority, always, always, is to differentiate our experience from Android and iPhone. That is job one, two and three quite frankly," he said.

Elop reckons user experience is the key to success and that the Windows Phone 7 UI with live tiles should do the trick.

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