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AMD replaces "Fusion" brand with new name

by on20 January 2012


Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA)

When it comes to product marketing, Advanced Micro Devices is one of those companies that really doesn't know how to remain loyal to the branding schemes it invests time, energy and resources into for the benefit of its consumers. Call us pundits, but if you look at the company's track record for remaining persistent with its naming conventions, many of the commonplace psychological rules in marketing and consumer-friendly product explanations seem to go downhill after a while.

Nevertheless, AMD has decided to replace its "Fusion" brand, or Fusion System Architecture (FSA), with the more technically correct name Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA). In short, HSA was chosen as the rebranding for Fusion because AMD believes the name will gain them more traction in corporate, enterprise and professional computing environments.

While any marketing name with the concept of "heterogeneous computing" speaks volumes about the future roadmap of any multi-billion dollar chip manufacturer, AMD believes the name will help distinguish the company's focus on building truly heterogeneous CPU / GPU architectures that Intel and Nvidia continue to build on their already successful high-performance CPU and high-performance GPU architectures, respectively.

'We have built a heterogeneous compute ecosystem that is built on industry standards,' boasted AMD corproate fellow Phil Rogers in a statement regarding the renaming exercise. 'As such, we believe it’s only fitting that the name of this evolving architecture and platform be representative of the entire, technical community that is leading the way in this very important area of technology and programming development.

Of course, AMD also insists that the rebranding is more than just a marketing strategy to attract the attention of professional computing crowds. Rogers promises to reveal recent advances in the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture during AMD's Financial Analyst Day on Thursday, February 2, 2012 that is expected to demonstrate a clear improvement worthy of the platform's new name.

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