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Nokia ships 1.5 billion S40 phones

by on25 January 2012

Swan song for top selling platform

Nokia has shipped its 1.5 billionth phone running the good old S40 operating system. While it sounds like a swan song for S40, Nokia believes the OS still has some potential, namely for affordable phones geared towards emerging markets.

The first S40 phones started shipping ten years ago and the OS was revised several times, to accommodate new technologies and higher resolution screens. For many users, S40 phones offered the first glimpse of the future, as they supported basic mobile Java and even Flash Lite applications, including web browsers such as Opera Mini.

Nokia estimates that more than 675 million people are still using S40 phones and the company is still selling some 12 new S40 phones each second and new Asha series models are hitting the market. More than 3.7 million app downloads for S40 phones are registered each day.

It would probably be hard to find any tech lover who has not owned an S40 phone over the past ten years, particularly in Europe.

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