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New SSX Online Pass explained

by on01 February 2012


Doesn’t lock you out of multiplayer

Electronic Arts has made some clarifications surrounding the use of the EA Online Pass with the upcoming SSX release. If you don’t have an online pass because you purchased a used copy you are not locked out of playing in multiplayer; however, it does stop you from obtaining in-game credits which are used to unlock content.

Those who opt for a used copy without the online pass will be able to play in both the “Explore” and “Global Events” modes, but credits you earn while playing in this mode without the pass will be inaccessible and banked. The key word is banked, because if you do opt to spend the $10 for the online pass, you are able to then obtain those banked credits.

According to EA, to achieve “economy balance” it is possible to unlock all of the content and participate in events around the globe in the both the Explore and Global Events just with credits earned in the Explore mode.

Our advice is if you are serious about playing SSX, either buy the new copy with the Online Pass or just pony up the $10 for the Online Pass.

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