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Microsoft could beat Android in tablet market

by on01 February 2012

Warren East hits the Tarot cards

ARM's CEO Warren East has been having a look at his Tarot cards and has come to the conclusion that Windows 8  will probably put the fear of God into Android in the tablet market.

East said that Vole may have some potential advantages over Android particularly now it is going to run on chips lovingly designed on ARM. East told CNET that Microsoft's brand recognition among consumers was a lot better than Androids and this could mean that they would go for that brand. He said consumers are familiar with Microsoft and very familiar with Windows and they're less familiar with an Android environment. East added that it will be interesting to see how Microsoft exploits that advantage, but I think that's a fundamental difference. He believes Android tablet sales will eventually take off as there were similarities between what happened with smartphones.

When Android phones were introduced, there was a lot of hype and nothing happened then a few years later--two years later--half a million units a day, 700,000 units a day and aAndroid phones now are successful. East thought that everyone should give Android tablets a little bit more time. He did not think that Intel would be able to dent the smartphone or tablet market.

One of the hurdles that they have to overcome is the fact that every day there's 700,000 Android phones activated around the ARM architecture and the application developers are working on creating applications that run on ARM, he said.
Chipzilla is going to have to compete with the 20 or so ARM licensees who are very actively supplying apps processors.

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