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Google bolsters Android Market security

by on03 February 2012

Bouncers, patdowns  and “random” screening

Google says it is beefing up security on Android Market, following several well publicized and rather embarrassing incidents in recent months.

Android VP of engineering wrote in his blog that Google started automatically scanning Android Market apps for malicious software last year, which makes us wonder why Google was not doing this all along.

The latest security program is aptly codenamed “Bouncer” and Google claims it has already managed to cut the number of malicious app downloads by 40 percent in 2011. However issues still persist and Google is keen to keep the market as open as possible, without vetting.

Apple pre-approves all apps in its app store, so it does not share many of the security issues faced by Google, but Apple’s vetting practices are also known to annoy users. Security experts agree that malware is not a major issue on any mobile platform, at least not for now.

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